Fungus Gnats – How to Get Rid of Outside Fungus Gnats

fungus gnats in wichita

Fungus gnats are tiny and annoying insects.

We use the word “gnat” to refer to any number of little winged insects, but actual fungus gnats are tiny nonbiting insects that love wet, rotten organic matter.

These gnats are relatively harmless creatures, but their incessant swarming is annoying enough to drive us crazy. 

Take these steps to make your yard less inviting to gnats:

  • Make sure you have no standing water in gutters, drainage areas, or low spots
  • Keep your garden free of mold, fungus, and rotting plant debris 
  • Pay particular attention to shady areas with poor air circulation 
  • Put your compost pile as far from the house as you can, cover your trash cans, and keep fallen debris cleaned up
  • Amend your garden soil to improve drainage and discourage fungus gnats
  • Occasionally rake or turn your mulch to allow sodden, moldy layers to dry out

Fungus Gnats – Wichita Gutter Cleaning Price Range $80-$250

Free Gutter Inspection

“Free Gutter Inspection.” Our estimates and inspections are truly FREE. Specifically, if we get up there and your gutters are already free of debris, we don’t charge you. That’s the Gutter King Wichita difference. Call 316-680-6708 for a fast, affordable quote.

Fungus Gnats – Prevent Them with the Most Important Task to Maintain Your Home

Cleaning your gutters is one of the most important tasks you can do to maintain your home’s value and beauty and discourage fungus gnats.

There are signs you can look for while inspecting the exterior of your home without climbing a ladder. Please take a look at our post, “How will I know when my gutters need to be cleaned?”

fungus gnats

Gutter Cleaning in Wichita – What You Can Expect

When you call us to clean your gutters, you can expect us to:

  • remove all debris from your gutters and downspouts
  • reseal and tighten gutter systems as necessary
  • visually inspect the roof and gutter systems
  • clean up after ourselves

Fungus gnats are annoying!

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