Gutter King Wichita installs both five-inch and oversize six-inch seamless guttering. In addition, we install both regular and oversized downspouts. Give us a call at 316-680-6708 for an estimate.

What Are Seamless Gutters?

We get this question a lot. Seamless gutters are different because no seams mean no leaks. The seamless design maintains the strength and integrity of the gutter systems. Also, strong wind and expansion/contraction from temperature changes, have little impact.

All existing gutters are removed and disposed of at no additional cost.

Furthermore, we can replace any damaged fascia (the wood board behind the gutter) before installing the seamless guttering. Just ask us for a quote.

Why is guttering necessary?

Seamless guttering and endcap

Guttering leads stormwater away from your roof and home during rain showers and storms. And without it, you can expect wood rot, foundation issues. Also, without guttering, you can expect expensive repairs associated with water pooling at the foundation.

gutter king wichita gutter installation wichita

How are our Gutters Different?

Most regular gutter systems such as those sold at chain stores are not like Gutter King Wichita. These products are typically inferior in material and quality.

A proper gutter installation will save you money. For example, incorrectly installed gutters will not move water through the gutters and downspouts. Ultimately, this results in expensive foundation and landscaping repairs.

Seamless guttering and downspout installation
Attaching gutter and downspout
Attaching gutter and downspout

Gutter King Wichita

Our estimators are trained to analyze your home and provide you with accurate, cost-effective solutions for your new gutter installation.

Gutter and downspout systems
Gutter and downspout systems

Have peace of mind with our seamless guttering knowing you’ll receive:

  • a lifetime warranty
  • competitive pricing
  • free estimates
  • prompt service
  • the highest quality materials and workmanship

Chances are, we’ve got your color! We offer 25 colors in our seamless guttering. You can coordinate with the look and palette of your home. Furthermore, we can install a soffit and fascia system to match your gutters.

Call us for a prompt, free inspection. 316-680-6708.

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