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In addition to our gutter cleaning services, we install high-quality, affordable gutter guards.

aluminum gutter guards
shur flo gutter guards black gutter king wichita

Gutter King Wichita is proud to serve the gutter guard needs of Wichita and the surrounding areas. In addition, we are proud to offer the best in gutter guards, Shur Flo from Gutter King Wichita. Made from aluminum, our gutter guards are available in mill finish or black. How they work is simple: rainwater from your roof flows through our patented perf-flow filtration system. Also, our gutter guards filter out leaves, pine needles, twigs, and tiny debris.

shur flo gutter guards wichita kansas ks

Why Our Gutter Guards?

You can find snap-in gutter protection systems at any major home improvement store. They come in many different designs and made from a variety of materials.

  • while economical, many of these alternatives become plugged with debris due to the larger openings
  • in addition to the cleaning troubles, without free-flow runoff into the gutter system, stormwater will pour over the side, which could bring about rot, water in the home, and possible foundation issues.
  • many of the plastic and composite guards found in-store, when exposed to weather and UV rays, become warped and very brittle, and then they break
  • in many cases, these guards blow off the gutter completely
composite guards typically blow off the gutter  shur flo gutter guards wichita
Composite guards typically blow off the gutter

Wichita gutter guards

Our Shur Flo Gutter Guards Outperform the Others

Our guards are fastened and stay put shur flo gutter guards wichita
Black finish gutter guard
Mill finish gutter guard with rainwater flowing shur flo
Mill finish gutter guard

Our aluminum gutter guards are the perfect solution to clogged gutters. For example, by keeping gutters clog-free, our Shur Flo gutter guards will prevent roof, structural, and foundation issues, which can be both annoying and costly.

Furthermore, when you have a high quality gutter protection system, you don’t have to worry about teetering on a ladder or hiring someone two or three times a year to clean them for you!

Our Shur Flo Gutter Guards:

  • offer you the perfect solution to prevent leaves and debris from clogging your gutter
  • fit snugly to the top of your gutters
  • are virtually invisible from the ground view
  • will not lift or penetrate your roof shingles
  • will not void any roof warranties
gutter guards wichita

Your #1 rated source for gutter guards is Gutter King Wichita. We give you a quick, no-hassle quote. If you decide to purchase our gutter guards, we return with your materials and typically begin installation within a week or less. Best of all, we stand behind our products and installation with one of the strongest warranties in the Wichita gutter guard business.

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