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Gutter King Wichita

Gutter King Wichita is your one-stop-shop for all gutter cleaning services.

We professionally clean and maintain a safe gutter and downspout system for your home. Additionally, we perform all of the essential gutter cleaning, maintenance, and installation services that you, as a homeowner or property manager, need to keep your gutters safe and clean.

Price Range $80-$250

Free Gutter Inspection

“Free Gutter Inspection.” Our estimates and inspections are truly FREE. Specifically, if we get up there and your gutters are already free of debris, we don’t charge you. That’s the Gutter King Wichita difference. Call 316-680-6708 for a fast, affordable quote.

gutter cleaning & repair
Clogged gutters can cause expensive water and foundation issues

Most Important Task to Maintain Your Home

Cleaning your gutters is one of the most important tasks you can do to maintain the value and beauty of your home.

When gutters are full of leaves and debris, they become heavy and easily pulled off-pitch. And this results in damage to the fascia and soffit areas.

sagging gutter wood rot fascia

Gutter Cleaning in Wichita – Proactive versus Reactive

Clogged or full gutters can lead to negative grade, foundation seepage, and full-blown basement flooding.

damage to home foundation clogged gutter
Rain water leaks on the wall causing damage to the basement.

There are signs you can look for while inspecting the exterior of your home, without climbing a ladder. Please take a look at our post, “How will I know when my gutters need to be cleaned?”

A 1,500 square-foot home can shed around 1,000 gallons of rainwater for every inch of rainfall. And this can happen in a matter of minutes in a typical rain shower.

Sagging gutter

Regular gutter cleaning & repair will not only prolong the life of your gutters but will ensure that they are in good working condition throughout the year.

Gutter Cleaning in Wichita – Prevent Costly Water Damage

Call us for a free inspection to prevent costly water damage, It is critical that rainwater is led away from the foundation of your home.

gutter cleaning & repair in Wichita

gutter cleaning & repair
Cleaning gutters is a pain

Cleaning Gutters is a Pain

Let’s face it, cleaning your own gutters can be a pain. Also, without proper equipment and technique, it can be dangerous.

There are more falls associated with standard home ladders and residents than any other accident at home. Furthermore, most people are not accustomed to climbing a ladder every day, multiple times each day. Equilibrium and balance may be off without a person knowing until it’s too late.

Gutter Cleaning in Wichita – What You Can Expect

When you call us to clean your gutters, you can expect us to:

  • remove all debris from your gutters and downspouts
  • reseal and tighten gutter systems as necessary
  • visually inspect the roof and gutter systems
  • photograph your service when complete
  • clean up after ourselves

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