What’s Hanging Out in Your Gutters?

What’s hanging out in your gutters? We all know many things get trapped in our gutters and downspouts. Dirt, twigs, leaves, and pine needles land on your roof, and when it rains, make their way in. But do you know the other creepy crawlies that might be hiding in your gutters and downspouts?

Mice and Other Rodents

Things like leaves, twigs, and pine needles are the same materials that mice use to make their nests. When mice and other rodents look for warm places to make their nests, they look for full gutters. The presence of mice and nests can also attract snakes to your home. In turn, these snakes might find their way into the cracks and crevices of your home.


Just like mice, birds use piles of leaves, twigs, and needles for their nests. Birds are not as destructive as other unwanted guests; however, their droppings can stain parts of your home that are highly visible. Also, a bird nest can mess up the efficiency of your storm drainage system. By obstructing water flow and adding weight to the gutter, a bird’s nest in the gutter is terrible. This extra weight can cause gutters to break at the seams. If birds decide to make a nest in your gutters and lay eggs, they may also become territorial and aggressive.

Mosquitoes and Termites

The easiest of all these pests to spot but quickly the least damaging to your home is mosquitos. Stagnant water attracts mosquitos. They like stagnant water for a breeding ground. Water that pools in your gutters due to a clog is ideal for mosquitos. A mosquito infestation on the outside of your home can cause endless distress to you and your family. Mosquitos also carry an increased disease risk.

Termites won’t eat your gutters because they only eat wood. They will, however, happily eat away at the fascia board. Termite damage is terrible because people typically do not know about them until it’s too late. Once you find the damage left by termites, you will likely have costly repairs. Let Gutter King Wichita maintain your gutters regularly to spot early signs of termites in the fascia.


If trees are close enough that the branches reach your gutters, you probably have squirrels on your roof. Like with mice, gutters act as a grand haven to escape into to get away from predators like foxes. By keeping branches trimmed, you can keep squirrels and chipmunks from climbing on your roof. Rodents that build nests in your gutters will make them in the downspouts, which will lead to clogs and overflowing. Squirrels can even get themselves stuck in your downspouts and perish, leading to a foul-smelling mess.

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