Thinking of Selling Your Home?

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Gutter King Wichita knows that selling your home can be very stressful. You’ll begin showing and once there is a contract, the inspections will begin. Included in the general home inspection that your buyer will purchase, is an inspection of the gutter systems.

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Home inspectors carefully examine your home for maintenance issues

A pet peeve of many home inspectors is dirty gutters and/or damaged gutter guards. These maintenance issues are red flags and can influence his or her perspective on how well a home has been maintained.

selling your home

This is an easy one!

Remember those first impressions are everything! Before selling, clean out the debris from your gutters. Furthermore, make sure all of the downspouts are fastened to the exterior surface. Also, don’t forget about those splash blocks! This is especially important if you have a two-story home that overlooks gutters from the upper-level windows. Clean gutters send the message that the home is well-maintained! Also, this is an easy chore to knockout.

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Gutter King Wichita

We can take the hassle out of preparing your home for the gutter systems inspection. Clean gutters and roof valleys will enhance the curb appeal of your home when selling your home. Our technicians will remove debris, clean gutters, and never leave behind a mess.

selling your home

The perfect time to call is now, even if your home isn’t yet listed. Your Realtor will probably ask you to take care of these “easy” maintenance items before showing your home. Call and let us help you knock this one out!

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