A beautifully cleaned and sealed deck finish

We use a special “soft wash” method, along with an eco-friendly cleaning solution, which safely removes dirt and stains. Our system will fully eliminate microbial growth without damaging deck surfaces.

Hire a Professional for Safety and Best Results

The most common mistakes in cleaning a deck are using high-pressure, chlorine bleach, and water only.

Using high-pressure to clean a wood deck is bad. It erodes the soft wood that is found between the darker bands of wood.

Chlorine bleach, or sodium hypochlorite (on the label of many deck cleaning products) not only removes the natural color from wood, but is toxic to vegetation. Also, it is very corrosive to metal fasteners and components which keep your deck together.

Using water only will NOT remove microbial growth, nor will it prevent it.

An eroded deck surface on the left, which was cleaned with high-pressure

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